Intro and Cultivation

Egyptian cotton has been renowned for centuries for its precious qualities. The ideal climate and richness of the land in the fertile region of the Nile delta, enable the cultivation of the best cotton in the world, thanks to the unique ingredients presented by nature.

Length and Fineness, Doubled into the Yarn

The extra-long staple used for Filo di Scozia is regarded as the highest quality of cotton. They are manually harvested at just the right ripeness to avoid the use of defoliants that are harmful to humans.

The cotton is then combed and gassed to remove weaker ends to extract extremely smooth fibers that are 35mm or longer. This is important because the yarn is composed of two high-quality strands twisted together so the length and fineness are two of the most crucial characteristics.

The long and fine fibers allow a denser composition, giving not only additional strength but also a better distribution in the yarn, allowing the qualities to be woven into a fabric that is soft yet strong, durable and resistant to pilling, a combination highly desired in clothings.



The resultant yarn then goes through Mercerisation, devised in 1844 by John Mercer of Great Harwood, Lancashire, England. The fibers are wound to a perfect arrangement and tension before immersing in a special bath. This increases the number of micro pores while removing irregularities, giving shine, resistance, better colour absorption and un-shrinkable qualities to the fibres. This is how we are able to achieve the signature colours with a vivid brilliance.

Mercerised cotton also takes on hypoallergenic, antibacterial qualities from the process. The fibers absorb more perspiration than any other, drying readily to keep it feeling pleasant and cool against the skin.

Mark of Quality

Leading Italian producers have formed associations to promote and ensure the authenticity of the fabric and mark. Filoscozia is a guarantee of quality and only licensed manufacturers who adhere to all the relevant legislation and methods are able to carry the name.

The label ensures that you are getting real, luxurious extra-long staple cotton grown under the right conditions, manufactured in precise and stringent process to maintain the highest standards.